Main Reasons Why You Choose Us

The proposed solution requires a considerable capital outlay to purchase the installations in one go; however, we provide a pay-as-you-go plan with an operating lease solution. This means that AGS supplies and takes ownership of all the installations while the constituency pays for the lighting services only (A minimum of ₦55,000 per month per pole).

Great Record

AGS works with Fuji Electric, a leading provider of Japanese solar technology, to supply cutting-edge and durable solar solutions to European cities like Germany, Italy, and London.

Pay As You Go

Financing solutions (lease payment) provided by AGS Ltd allow clients to enjoy our solution as a service on a pay-as-you-go basis without the attendant burden of the huge capital outlay.

Free Maintenance

AGS Ltd provides clients with free maintenance as the installation and maintenance are managed by us. Clients are only required to make the agreed monthly lease payment.


Our street light solutions are integrated with customised 24/7 CCTV cameras and a real-time monitoring system that is a strong deterrent in keeping away activities of theft, vandalism, or break-ins. It provides our clients with overwhelming video evidence to support prosecution, especially in light of the current security situation in the country.
The integrated CCTV cameras come with infrared LED night vision allowing for a clear image at nighttime. It is also equipped with a sound and motion detector with two-way communication and a wireless surveillance feature that allows clients to identify any intrusion in real-time.

High Quality

Our street lights use 50 Watts RoHS-compliant eco-mode LED bulbs with Samsung chips. This provides up to 7,000 lumens. It works safely under different temperatures and conditions. It is waterproof and dustproof up to level IP65 and can be used in various environments such as Motorways, roadsides, car parks, walkways, etc.


Street Light Projects

AGS Street lights are integrated with complimentary motion and sound detective CCTV cameras making them indispensable for your roads, walkways, motorways, and car parks.

In an effort to curb the increasing insecurity in the country, state governments all over Nigeria are reinstalling street lights to monitor criminal activities at night. Acting as an extra layer of security, AGS Ltd believes that its proposed solution of street lights that are integrated with motion and sound detective CCTV cameras can be a timely intervention in crime prevention and investigation.

As one of Nigeria’s foremost construction companies, we are confident that AGS solution will prove valuable.

The solution proposed by Africa Go Solar is superior to the solar street lighting hitherto experienced which has a low luminous effect and doesn’t last beyond 18 months. AGS solution uses a central power system that ensures that bulb cells are brighter and last longer (a minimum of 5-year warranty is available).

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What We Stand For

Our Endless Desire to Offer the Best Value



To be recognised as an accessible, trustworthy, dependable, and consistent Solar Energy Company that provides solutions that encourage inclusivity and improve lives.


To be in the continuous development and implementation of energy solutions that bring renewable energy closer to the people in Africa with an integrated financial plan that makes for affordability for the average African.